Julianna Elizondo

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Julianna Elizondo is Costa Rican and has been living in Puerto Rico for 18 years. In her quest to understand the behavior of couples and how they connect, express themselves, conquer each other, especially in their sexual life, she has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, she continued with Psychological Counseling, graduated as Coach Mentor of leadership and life, and specialized in the area of sexuality with a Master Human Sexology.

Her mission has been to educate and create transparent and honest spaces of sexual communication, where the couple can design safe bridges of sexual expression, leading to the construction of a sexually successful relationship, in freedom and emotional maturity, distorted and conquering daily thoughts of love.

She is the author of the program for couples, Accomplices in the Bedroom. A program that offers tools for the couple so that love, conquest and mutual sexual pleasure are the protagonists and the main axis of their relationship.

Guaynabo PR


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