Irma (Mimi) Ruiz

Mindfulness & Hatha Yoga

Irma (Mimi) Ruiz founded Anew Group in 2014 as her life project to cultivate skills for well-being and conscious leadership in Puerto Rico and beyond through innovative and scientifically proven mindfulness- based programs. Professionally trained in the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program (MBSR) at the Center for Mindfulness in the University of Massachusetts Medical School, Irma has devoted thousands of hours in service to those curious to discover their talents and inner resources to skillfully manage their lives. A former Senior Vice-President at Banco Popular, she brings forth in every interaction her 25 years of experience in corporate training, non-profit leadership, endurance sports competitions, plus 16 years of contemplative practices. She’s a certified ICF Coach, Hatha Yoga Instructor and presides the Board of Directors of Scuba Dogs Society, a leading environmental non-profit organization in Puerto Rico with over 12k volunteers promoting harmony between humans and their social-ecological landscape through experiential education.

During the past 17 years, she has trained an average of 400 leaders per year, and since 2006, has served over 1,500 individuals in her Hatha Yoga & Meditation Sessions. She serves leading companies in Puerto Rico, which have led her to work in the Unites States and the Virgin Islands, making her feel at home facilitating in Spanish and English, and in diverse work cultures.

“Our future and well-being emerges from the decisions we make moment by moment.  My mindfulness practice allows me to polish the skills to manage the intricacies of life with curiosity, equanimity and compassion”.


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