Dr. Roberto Román Juliá, ND, MS

Alternative Medicine
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Roberto Román Juliá is a Doctor in Naturopathy licensed in Puerto Rico. There are only 15 licenses issued in recent years by the Health Department of Puerto Rico. He has an additional certification with license in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that enables him to practice this modality on Puerto Rico. TCM includes acupuncture, moxa, cupping, Chinese Herbs, Tuina massage, among others. His training includes the use of alternative and complementary modalities in the treatment of most health conditions. These modalities include botanical medicine, clinical nutrition, homeopathy, physical medicine, naturopathic manipulation, massage therapy, and more. His work focus in the treatment and prevention of diseases using specific aspects of nature. The patient is evaluated as a whole, taking in perspective physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects. In addition, he will support you to discover the risk factors that are affecting your health and will give appropriate recommendations to optimize your environment.

Puerto Rico Naturopathic Center

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