Cristobal Colón

Effective Communication Mentor

Cristóbal is a communicator, facilitator and instructor.

He helps introverted professionals discover their message, transmit it effectively to both the physical world and the cybernetic world, and thus achieve their desired success.

He studied Computer Engineering and has more than 25 years of experience in technology, information systems and engineering. In addition, she has been a facilitator of yoga, and stress management and motivation workshops. He is a lover of nature and adventure. This passion led him to prepare and get trained to become an instructor in caving, cave rescue, river rescue, and search and rescue.

In addition, he belongs to Toastmasters International, a communication and leadership organization. In July of 2017 he achieved the designation of Distinguished Toastmaster, the highest recognition given by this organization to its members for the development of their oratory skills, effective communication and leadership. At the time of this achievement, he was the tenth to reach this designation in Puerto Rico.

Cristóbal is an introverted professional who combines motivation, inspiration, effective communication, technology, adventure and nature in his presentations and publications.


San Juan PR


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