Cristina Vicens

Cristina Vicéns

Yoga Instructor
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After playing volleyball for over ten years, my knees, ankles, and especially my back, were feeling the strain from all those years of intense athletic training. On occasion, I would get back spasms so intense, I would not be able to walk. Desperate to find a solution to my back problems, I began doing Vini Yoga every day.  After two weeks of daily Vini Yoga, I was able to perform daily tasks without pain for the first time. Vini Yoga helped me so much that I started going to Hot Power Vinyasa Yoga classes on daily basis. In less than a month, my back problems were almost gone, and I was feeling better than ever! Although, for me, yoga was initially purely a physical practice and a solution to my back pain, it quickly became much more. Two years after that first yoga class, I did my Teacher Training in Miami, Florida.

Today I teach Power Vinyasa - a vigorous practice in which the student coordinates movement with breath to flow from one asana to the next. Unlike other methods of yoga, such as Ashtanga, there is no set sequence of asanas, and students are able to perform variations of the poses and incorporate props to conform to each student’s needs. Vinyasa is great for healing injuries, as well as for making your body and mind stronger!