Colegio Montessori de Puerto Rico

Education Montessori Method
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Our mission is to offer Puerto Rican parents a different educational alternative, which starting point is to encourage not only academic but the integral development of our students.

We understand that our role as educators is to foment the children's development in: 

  • Powerful beings capable to actively contribute to their own development
  • Confident about themselves
  • Capable of reasoning, analyzing and understanding the basics of all of the academic areas that work
  • Being able to compare, choose, collaborate with others
  • Being conscious of their role in the universe or as Maria Montessori said, their role in the cosmic order. 

We want to help develop people aware of their duty to provide and improve their world, citizens aware of their role, duties and responsibilities with planet Earth and its inhabitants.

Colegio Montessori de Puerto Rico

169 Av. de Diego, Puerto Nuevo San Juan PR 00927

(787) 946-1099

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