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Tere Beard, IAHC

Health Coach, Pranic Healer, Brain Gym consultant & instructor

Tere Beard is an Industrial Engineer, a certified Health Coach from the Institute of Integrated Nutrition (IIN) and a certified Pranic Healer from the Pranic Healing Center. For over fifteen years, she has been developing her skills in different modalities including Hemi Sync, Kinesiology, Hipnosis, Wiring and Brain Gym, and is a faithful believer of… Read MoreRead more

Ma Prem Bhama

Heal Your Life Coach

Author of the book, The Key to Your Happiness, published also in Spanish (La Llave de tu Felicidad).  Certified as doctor in Holistic Medicine from the Clayton School of Holistic Medicine in 1997, under the guidance of  spiritual teacher Shanti Ragyi.  Since then she has helped people to … Read more

Dr. Aury Beltrán, PCC-ICF

Organizational Coach

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Cristobal Colón

Effective Communication Mentor

Cristóbal is a communicator, facilitator and instructor. He helps introverted professionals discover their message, transmit it effectively to both the physical world and the cybernetic world, and thus achieve their desired success. He studied Computer Engineering and has more than 25 years of experience in technology, information systems … Read more

Colegio Montessori de Puerto Rico

Education Montessori Method

Our mission is to offer Puerto Rican parents a different educational alternative, which starting point is to encourage not only academic but the integral development of our students.We understand that our role as educators is to foment the children’s development in: Powerful beings capable to actively contribute to their … Read more

Lourdes Corujo

Financial Services

Lourdes Corujo believes that clients are entitled to receive, thoughtful, unbiased service from a professional team dedicated to the goal of providing extraordinary levels of service.Mrs. Lourdes Corujo completed her Bachelor’s degree in business administration at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus. Years later, she finished … Read more

Disciplina Positiva

Family Wellbeing

With Disciplina Positiva you will get a new perspective of parenting and education towards your children. You will understand why when the approach is to develop life skills in children, it is necessary to resort to different alternatives. Through Disciplina Positiva you know a philosophy that fosters the … Read more

Drone Service Technology LLC

Drone Service

Drone Service Technology of Guaynabo, Puerto Rico is a commercial Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) operator authorized by the FAA for aerial services in the United States and its Territories. DST-PR is fully insured. We provide fast response services for aerial 2D and 3D modeling, mapping and videography for … Read more

Julianna Elizondo


Julianna Elizondo is Costa Rican and has been living in Puerto Rico for 18 years. In her quest to understand the behavior of couples and how they connect, express themselves, conquer each other, especially in their sexual life, she has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, she continued with … Read more

Ruth Figueroa

Holistic Trips


Tito Fuentes


With a bachelor’s degree in arts and a concentration in photography from the Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida, Tito is a freelance artist contributing with various advertising agencies and companies in Puerto Rico such as: De La Cruz Group Eko Advertising Tactical Media Group … Read more

Lily García


Lily García is a writer, life coach, motivational speaker, thanatologist, actress, and TV and radio talk show host with more than thirty years of experience in the media in Puerto Rico. Her knowledge in practical spirituality and psychology combined with a communication style full of both humor and … Read more

Sana Kids

Children's Therapy

Bonita Huffman studied Interior Design and has worked for 20 years in the film industry as a Set Decorator or Production Designer, and has also worked decorating houses. Being drawn to healing, studied different healing modalities for 15 years, from Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Herbs, Magnet therapy, Kinesiology to Pranic Healing. … Read more

Emma Marie Lozada-Ramírez Esq.

Attorney at Law, Family Law Consultant

Lawyer-Notary with over 28 years experience in the private litigation practice covering complex cases of Family Law, successions, damages, and other civil matters. The largest volume of cases she sees in her office are complex cases related to divorce, custody, child relationships, disability, guardianship, among others. She keeps … Read more

Mariely Sylvette Martínez

Career Consultant & Professional Branding Coach

Mariely Sylvette Martínez is a Professional Branding Coach and a Senior Career Consultant who works with professionals and executives to re-define their personal branding and career objectives to land their most ideal jobs or career paths. She has supported professionals to transition into more rewarding careers with significant … Read more

Tere Montes

Social Media Coach

Tere Montes is Social Media Coach. She has the tools, knowledge and experience to listen and advise professionals, individuals in the proper use of social media networks regardless of age or interest; that is, for personal growth or achieving business goals. She started this passion in 2009 as … Read more

Misael Enoc Pérez

Coaching by Values

Holds a bachelor’s degree in communal health education from UPR’s Medical Sciences campus, and a master’s in counseling and counselling from the Central University of Bayamón. He is a licensed professional counselor and certified professional coach. He is certified as Trainer in the methodology of Coaching by Values … Read more

Marisol Ríos

Feng Shui, Crystal Healing

During the last 16 years, Marisol Rios has served as a Feng Shui Consultant and Crystal Healer. Using these two powerful philosophies to bring harmony between nature and our environment, brings dramatic improvement in families, offices and life styles. Marisol is owner and manager of and, crystals … Read more

Dr. Roberto Román Juliá, ND, MS

Alternative Medicine

Roberto Román Juliá is a Doctor in Naturopathy licensed in Puerto Rico. There are only 15 licenses issued in recent years by the Health Department of Puerto Rico. He has an additional certification with license in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that enables him to practice this modality on … Read more

Irma (Mimi) Ruiz

Mindfulness & Hatha Yoga

Irma (Mimi) Ruiz founded Anew Group in 2014 as her life project to cultivate skills for well-being and conscious leadership in Puerto Rico and beyond through innovative and scientifically proven mindfulness- based programs. Professionally trained in the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program (MBSR) at the Center for Mindfulness in … Read more

Milagros Santos Díaz

Mindfulness Dancing

Milagros Santos-Díaz, MPA is a Puerto Rican Mystical Coach. She received her Professional Essence Coach Certification from the Gaviota Growth Center in 2012. During 2013 she completed a Certification in Executive Coaching. During her growth and spiritual expansion she began to practice Mindfulness. She learned the modality of … Read more

Prof. Kareen Yasnaia Sued Vázquez

Neurolinguistic Programer

Has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, with a mayor in Economics, Industrial Management and Human Resources Administration. Has a Master’s in Business Administration with a mayor in Human Resources Administration, and graduated Suma Cum Laude. Is a professor in the Business Administration and in the Office Systems … Read more

Margarita Torres

Restorative Yoga

Margarita Torres is certified in Ashtanga 500 hours, prenatal, mother & baby, and Yoga kids. Margarita is a happy, thankful person of  every second of this life. and knowledgable with every situation.

Lirayma Torres

Personal Trainer

Has a technical degree in Physical Training from the Huertas Junior College in Caguas, PR, and a Bachellor’s degree in Secondary Physical Education from the Turabo University. Worked at the “Puerto Rico in Shape” program from the Caguas municipality, where she offered classes for groups and educational workshops for … Read more

Cristina Vicéns

Yoga Instructor

After playing volleyball for over ten years, my knees, ankles, and especially my back, were feeling the strain from all those years of intense athletic training. On occasion, I would get back spasms so intense, I would not be able to walk. Desperate to find a solution to … Read more

Edmundo Zevallos

Website and Graphic Design

MoonDog Web Hosting and Design offers professional, functional, and appealing websites with functionality in mind. From new designs to updated websites, we offer graphic design, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and Social Media Integration. Our hosting packages are the perfect compliment to your site, offering Virtual Private … Read more